WWF debates New Forestry Code in Senate

Discussions in the Senate regarding the new Forestry Code are in full swing and, as promised, we are actively involved in the entire process. This week we attended the meeting of the joint Commissions for the Environment and for Waters, Forests, Fishing and Hunting. We presented our concerns about the current form of the Forestry Code because we believe that there are many aspects that need to be improved. For clarity, we sent the official amendments to the Senate, to support our concerns.

Read the amendments WWF Romania submitted to the Senate regarding the new Forestry Code (RO)

We also had a separate meeting with the representatives of the Environment Ministry, to whom we presented our position regarding the legal project and the changes we consider necessary.

Next week the two Committees will meet again for debates. We will be present to provide explanations in the hope that our arguments will be understood and supported.

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