Implications of the New Forestry Code draft law

The draft law on the new Forestry Code, made public in December last year and still in the inter-ministerial approval stage, raises a number of major problems that we have pointed out, once again, in the letter we sent today to the Environment Ministry and to the Government.

We sent WWF-Romania’ evaluation regarding the way in which the provisions of the National Strategy for Forests (SNP30) were transposed, together with detailed explanations of the observations and with the amendments and solutions proposed for this draft law.

We draw attention to the fact that the provisions of the new project contradict strongly the strategic action directions set by SNP30. This means that the red line of the necessary reforms for the forestry sector in Romania risks being hijacked. These provisions do not provide an adequate framework for enforcing the European legislation in the area and make it impossible to fulfill some milestones in the PNRR, assumed by Romania.

The lack of a coherent vision on national forestry policies has been, until now, one of the main causes of the problems faced by the forestry sector in Romania. But, with the approval of SNP30 in October 2022, it became clear what we wanted and what needed to be done for the country's forests. Now, through the Forestry Code, these solutions must be put in practice.

"It is not easy, the solutions do not suit everyone. However, it is essential that the decision-makers resist to the potential pressures generated by the momentary interests of some restricted groups and prove they have the political will to implement the agreed solutions. Any delay will only increase the problems and create instability."

We hope that the current form of the Forestry Code draft law will be revised before it is sent to the Parliament, so that it contains coherent and clear result indicators, which will guide Romania towards a sustainable forest management. It is a historic opportunity, which our country should take advantage on.

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