The National Strategy for Forests 2030 finally sets the red line

WWR-Romania supported the whole process from the beginning and were actively involved in shaping the National Strategy for Forests 2030 which, after more than 2 years of debate, was finally approved at the end of this year. Our experts were present in almost all working groups, supporting WWF's priorities for the sustainable management of forests in Romania.

For all these priorities, we framed strategic directions of action and result objectives. We believe that a big step in the right direction has been taken. Now Romania has the strategic red line in terms of forest policy reform. But, for all these principles to be enforced, they must be transposed into legislation through a new legal package. Romania will have to start even with the rewriting of the Forestry Code, for which, according to the PNRR, it has only 6 months left.

We will monitor the evolution of this extremely important process and draw public attention whenever there are slippages from this common thread. We will contribute to drafting technical solutions to ensure compliance with the assumed strategic elements.

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